Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rubber Jig Fishermen

If you are a fan of fishing with Fine Rubber bass jigs, an accessory that is an absolute must have is the new Zappu Special Rubber Conditioner. Living Rubber jigs are becoming very popular in the US, but in Japan they have been fishing with Fine Rubber jigs for a long time. The major problem with this Fine rubber material is that it is super soft and will melt easily. The Living Rubber will sometimes have a chemical reaction with the contact of other harsher materials (lead, plastic worms, ect.), or if you leave these jigs in the sun to long they will molt together. This creates a giant mess, not to mention the fact that these hand tied jigs cost over 6 dollars. To prevent this problem, one of the leading Japanese fishing companies ZAPPU, created a liquid that protects the jig and prevents this mess from happening. Personally, I have not noticed that using the Zappu Special Rubber conditioner repels the fish from holding onto the bait. Short strikes are not an issue, being as the rubber absorbs the product right away. So if you have invested money in these fancy Japanese Fine Rubber Jigs I would suggest making the small purchase of the special rubber conditioner. You can find it at Lees Global Tackle under the Fishing Accessories category.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seaguar Tatsu

Hello to all,

I would like to announce that tomorrow Sept. 15 2010 will be the first day of the new Seaguar Tatsu Fluorocarbon line Promotion. For those fishermen who are not familiar with the “Tatsu” line, it is the newest finest Fluorocarbon line that Seaguar makes. Setting the standard for excellence in the industry Seaguar by using two different resins to make one solid line. It has a very abrasion resistant outer shell that is very soft and supple to the touch. Although the outer shell is not like other fluorocarbon lines, the inside is. It is very sensitive, strong, and totally invisible under the water. In a recent tournament on Lake St. Clair I had my Jerkbait rod and Crankbait rod spooled with 8 lb, and 10lb. test Tatsu. I was very suprised by the strength of the 8lb, because I had it on a 6’8 med. hvy. rod for deep jerkbaits. The fish were crushing the bait and I would give a stiff hook set, without breaking the line. Very Impressive! The line also got the Deep Diving Pointers down to the bottom when other Fluorocarbons I had used would not. I have been a long time “Toray” Fan, and you can trust me when I say that I have used just about every fluorocarbon on the market, but the new Tatsu is a line worth trying.

Deep Diving Pointer 100 (ROYAL SHAD)

For the next 15 days Seaguar will be offering a free t shirt or hat with any purchase of a spool. Check it out on our site.

Fish On,

Pete Sagartz

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shimano Cumulus Rods are Ever So Light

I have been a huge fan of the Diawa Steeze rods and reels, because of the rod weight and sensitivity, but in the back of my mind I have been wondering when Diawa's Rival Shimano will come out with their top shelf competitor. Shimano just introduced their Cumulus Series rods, with rods as light as 78 grams. Shimano made these rods in 3 spinning versions, and 3 bait casting versions. Here are the Specs.
Model Finished Weight Blank Construction Length Power Action Line Rating Lure Rating (oz) Pieces
CMLC65M 78g HM1 6'5" Medium Fast 8 1/4-1/2oz 1
CMLC610MH 86g HM1 6'10" Medium Heavy Fast 12 1/4-3/4oz 1
CMLCX71MH 100g HM1 7'1" Medium Heavy X-Fast 15 1/4-3/4oz 1
CMLSX65M 90g HM1 6'5'" Medium X-Fast 6 1/8-3/8oz 1
CMLSX610ML 96g HM1 6'10'" Medium Light X-Fast 5 1/16-3/8oz 1
CMLSX610M 104g HM1 6'10'" Medium Fast 6 1/8-3/8oz 1

When I picked up the Medium Light Spinning rods, they seemed to be perfect for my favorite style of fishing which is Drop Shotting, and Down Shotting. They have a very sensitive light and fast tip, but plenty of beef for some big smallies or spotted bass.

Now when it comes to Baitcasting rods, a 7 ft. medium heavy is my all around favorite fishing stick, but it seemed like these cumulus medium heavy's were a little lighter than other medium heavy's I have used. I was planning on picking up the 6'10 for deep diving jerkbaits like the pointer 100, but decided to take a pass after comparing it to my G Loomis IMX 7 ft. Med-Hvy. Otherwise it would be an awesome deep water crankbait or jig rod. These rods are defiantly something that all bass fishermen need to check out, they have a great price point, they have superior quality, and they carry Shimano's Over the Counter Lifetime Warranty.

Uptons Hand Poured Worms

Hey guys,
We just started carrying these Upton's Hand Poured custom worms. I have only gotten to fish with them one other time, but I guess they are a huge hit on the FLW circuit. One of the guys I am working with on the site writes for Bassmaster, and he turned me onto these baits. The action is incredible and the plastic Josh Upton uses floats so if you use a light enough weight the tail will stick up. I can't wait to try them on Lake Geneva in the summer, I will be sure to let you guys know. I will up pics of the 9 in. straight tail worm, and the 12 in. paddle tail worm. We have em for 6.99 a pack which is a great deal considering they are custom hand pours, check em out for yourself.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Japanese jigs add dimension to the category

The jig is a lure category that has come a long way since an inventive dude first decided to take his sinker off his line and squeeze it directly to his hook! Anglers and lure makers have tinkered with head shape for the last few decades. But don’t be fooled by the relative simplicity of the jig. The pace of modification and improvement has accelerated dramatically in recent years.

And leave it to the Japanese to adopt the finest components, add features, and find new ways to improve jig performance!

By reshaping heads, altering hook style and size, adjusting hook eye angle, and adding superior paint jobs and skirts, the jig has gone from a generic piece of terminal tackle to a sophisticated, finely engineered artificial lure.

Here’s what came in with the latest Lee’s Global Tackle Connection shipment!

Deps Head Lock Jig – The Deps Head Lock Jig had been the guarded secret of a handful of successful Midwest tournament anglers until Jason Knapp won last season’s Bassmaster Northern Open on Lake Champlain with it! The supply of this deadly jig remains limited, but they are available NOW at Lee’s Global Tackle! The latest addition to this premium jig line is the chartreuse skirt on a chartreuse jig head!

Deps Hyper Football Jig – The Deps Hyper Football sports a shorter, squatter football head than its sister jig from Deps, the Head Lock. (Compare the former, if you will, to the football of the leather helmet era prior to the advent of the forward pass, which led to the football’s subtly more elongated design.) On the bass end of the bait is a longer hook, which accommodates a larger bodied trailer. (No need to bite off the end of that craw bait!) [NOTE: While you are at it, check out the Deps Flat Back Jig, a swimming jig designed to move through heavy cover and vegetation. It is available in ½- and ¾-ounce varieties…if they are still in stock!]

Megabass Flamingo Stand-Up Mushroom Head Jig – Yes, Megabass makes a jig in addition to its blowaway hardbaits, magic wand rods and $1200 reels! This stand-up jig will walk over rock and wood. It keeps the tail-end of any attractive trailer up high so it can wave seductively and catch the eye of a bass on the prowl. The tough but flexible weed guard is molded into the jig ahead of a stout hook that will allow you to strong-arm even giant bass out of thick cover.

Noike Wild Kem Kem Jig – These small jigs (2.0-, 2.5- and 3.0 gram) are sparsely skirted, trim-neck finesse jigs that are perfect for tough, clear-water conditions when nothing else seems to work. Add a super-fine finesse plastic to maintain the slim profile of these baits.

Handsome hand-pour finesse plastics from Jackall!

On the shores of Lake Biwa, home of the recently confirmed 22-pound, five-ounce world record bass of Manabu Kurita, sits the headquarters of Jackall Bros. The company was founded by Seiji Kato designer of the Sammy and Pointer for Lucky Craft before he set out on his own entrepreneurial track.

Seiji brought the Flick Shake technique along with his Flick Shake worm and jighead to the United States to revolutionize wacky worm fishing here. Success with the Flick Shake prompted anglers to test the effectiveness of the Jackall hardbaits. Well, if you are a fan of Japanese tackle, you know much of the rest of the Jackall story.

But we’re about to add another chapter to the bait’s success!

Lee’s Global Tackle Connection has located two of Jackall’s finest finesse plastics – baits currently unavailable in the United States.

Jackall Lake Police Super Crosstail Shad – If you have tried the standard Crosstail Shad sold by Jackall in the U.S., you already know it as one of the best dropshot baits on the market. Now brace yourself for the Super Crosstail Shad, a realistic multi-layered, partially transparent hand-pour. The very subtle rudder on the back underside of this bait stabilizes it, projecting the profile of a live baitfish.

Jackall Lake Police Superpin-Tail — This four-inch bait will have Great Lakes smallmouth believing they are biting a native emerald shiner or related baitfish. This hand-poured finesse plastic requires little or no action on the part of the angler. The incidental movement of hand and boat will send a lifelike shiver through this supple bait. Examine the realistic eyes and awesome appearance of this bait! These baits are tough to find, but Lee’s has a limited supply available now.